Monday’s – Make them Great!

Monday – How would you describe your Monday experiences on a weekly basis?  Good, bad, or indifferent?  There are a number of people who wake up on Monday’s and dread the experience of having their weekend to disappear.  You may know the people who come into work every Monday and talk about how short their weekend was or how they cannot stand Monday’s.  They may go on to explain how they cannot believe that they had to come into work today and wish that they were still home in their bed, on vacation, or maybe they should have just called out as being sick! 

This may be your co-worker or it may be you.  How do you look at your Monday’s?  Are they days for opportunity or days for doing as little as possible?  Part of my background was in sales.  Monday’s were interesting.  I saw people who had the same thoughts as I have written above.  I even had some of those days.  Then I realized that if I started my week off really well, it made the rest of the week easier.  If you make sales or schedule appointments on Monday, your week has more of a feeling of an accomplishment.

For instance, I would set my goals on Sunday evenings or Sunday mornings.  I would take only 15 minutes to gather my thoughts for the week so I would not interfere with my weekend.  By doing so, on Monday mornings, I would come to work and know exactly what my goals were for the week and I would not have to stumble around for hours before getting started.  In sales, the hardest thing to do is to pick up the phone to make appointments or call a client.  People would put it off and wait until later on to get their act together.  

Make Monday’s great!  If you are in sales, set your goals on Sunday for only 15 minutes to get your week started on Monday when you get into work.  If you do, your week and your month will become better weeks and months.  Even if you are not in sales, you can set the same goals.  Fifteen minutes…that is what you need.  Write it out and open it up on Monday mornings to have a better day.  You will be more focused and alert and you can get started right away.

Have a Great Monday!




You control your destiny on a daily basis. If you do not like where you are in life, you are the one person who can make the change. Don’t give up and keep moving forward. Change is just around the corner. Your tomorrow can be even brighter than today! Do not wait, start right now!


You control you…



Motivation –

What is the motivating factor in your life?  What drives you to do what you do?  For some people it may be family.  This would include kids, a spouse, parents, or it also could be a close relative.  I have seen people who were motivated to get their entire families out of debt and the struggling life that they were living.  There are some who have had to live with an aunt or grandparent while growing up.  This person became the role of a parent to this person.  And, they may have sacrificed to give more than they had while raising this person.  I have read stories and have known people who have been successful in life and then give the credit of why they are successful to a parent, a big sister or brother, or maybe even a friend of the family who stepped in to mentor this person.

There are many great leaders all around us.  Look around and really take a look at people to see who they really are.  I have had the privilege of working with some great people who had to take lower paying positions due to the economic turn in our great country.  When I found out some things about their background, they simply would state that they had to take the position to pay bills or just to survive.

Here is a fact.  All successful people have struggled somewhere in their own lives.  They may have went through and enormous amount of failure to get to where they are today.  People have been fired, laid off, and demoted.  But this will not stop anyone who is willing to motivate themselves to get to where they want to be.  Failure is the path to success.  It you don’t believe this statement, take a look at any professional athlete.  They may have been cut from a team in high school or have been told that they were too short, too tall, too big, or not big enough over and over and over again.  But what made them continue to strive to be better.  What made them encourage themselves daily to get to where they are today?  Motivation!

This is the key element to push you to the next level.  Motivation may be a burning fire within you to never work for anyone again.  It may be the desire to build something to help hundreds of thousands of people.  Maybe you are a chemist and want to cure diseases.  Maybe you want to be a president in an organization.  Or maybe, you just want to do the best job that you can do at whatever it is that you do.  Motivation is a key element that you should look at every day.  I challenge you to motivate someone today.  By helping others, you can help yourself to be more successful, have more friends, and a better life.  You are going to feel better about yourself and who knows, you may motivate yourself to be even greater than you are today.




How do you set your goals?  Are they small goals or large goals? And do you achieve your goals after setting them?  Goals are very important in everyone’s life.  One should remember that the goals that they set are their own goals. You are the only one who knows what goals that you really want to achieve.