Who Influences You?

Do you ever wonder why you act the way you do or believe in the things that you do?  We all have been influenced by someone in our lives who has helped to shape us in the way that we act or think.  Have you ever wondered if you were born in another home, area, or country…how would your circle of influence shape the way that you think?

Believe it or not, you were guided in either a good way or a bad way of thinking to make you the person that you are today. The information that you read and study, the information from the news that you gather, and even the groups that you join and surround yourself with can have a major impact on how you think.  

In sports, the coach usually has a strong influence on his/her players.  The coach is the instrument to guide others into believing in their system.  In the government, the government officials guide others in believing their strategies and plans.  In business, business executives and managers guide others in believing in the systems that they believe in and put into place.  You see, we all follow a system or have been influenced to believe in the things that we do.  History even shows us leaders who had an influence on people who may not have had a good system to follow.  This goes back to the days of the Romans.  Think of how each leader shaped the next generation of people back in those times.  Today, many government systems have the Romans to thank for the judicial systems and influences that we have today.  And some countries do not have good foundations or systems in place and may not want to follow what is the best for their own society, but to only do what is best for themselves.  

Today, think about the people around you.  Think about your kids, neighbors, friends, and family.  Think about those people that you work with and how your attitude influences others.  Do you influence people in a good way or a bad way?  Either way, you are an influence on someone.  Your way of thinking or the practices that you do have an influence on someone.  Look around you and hopefully you make a good influence on someone you know.  If not, remember that others follow in the footsteps of someone that they have been around.  You can have a good or bad influence on your community and the people that you know, and those that just observe that you do not know.  I hope you choose to have a good influence on others as you can make a difference in your own life and the life of others.




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