Why Does Bad News Travels Fast?

Something to think about:

I have always wondered why negative news is so popular?  Have you ever noticed that when headline news comes out it is usually about something bad.  Either a bad accident, a death, a wreck, a fight, and terminations at work.  I wonder why so many of us are attracted to hearing about the worst of the worst types of news?  This is the focus of almost every type of news I see.  

It is not just your regular news.  If you watch the stock market, you will see that they usually talk about what stock has fallen and what company is in trouble.  Are we conditioned to see the bad before the good?  I really do not have a good answer for why we are more excited to hear about what went wrong than what went right.

I have had my own experiences in management for organizations.  The news that travels the quickest and is heard the loudest is usually bad news.  But there are companies who are trying to focus on good things that happen verses just the bad things that happen.  If you are working and you can think about any of the meetings that you have been in, do you notice that the meetings are about good things that are happening in the organization, or on what has went wrong?

If you are a business leader or in management, what do you focus your meetings on?  If you are an employee and not in management, what are your thoughts?  I know a lot of good managers and owners of companies.  I also know some who are not so good.  I would assume that the focus is on trying to get better at whatever the companies tasks and goals may be. 

I recently saw a study from a 2013 Gallup Poll, the New York Daily News reports, that showed that almost 70% of workers did not like their jobs.  That is 7 out of every 10 people.  So if their are 100 people in a building, then 70 of them will fit into this category.  That’s a LOT of people!  I think as business owners, we would like to see just the opposite.  Employee turnover is a very costly expense for employers.  Think about how long it takes someone to learn the job of any position.  One gets comfortable after working for 90 days in a job.  This is why a number of jobs put people on a 90 day probation period.  It is to see if they can learn some of the job functions before they let them stay at the job.  That is 3 months to get comfortable.  I would say that the employee would need 3 – 6 more months of learning to get a better understanding of the job.  

Employers should be concerned about this study if it is correct.  When I first saw the poll, I was really shocked as I would not have guessed that the numbers would be that high.  Since the poll, I try to see how workers react and look when I go into any organization.  If you own a business and have employees, this should be something that is really a concern.  Losing more workers and replacing them can cost you a lot more than just money, it can cost you your business.

Business leaders, spread some good news in your meetings.  Show some appreciation for the everyday worker, at every level.  Speak to your employees as they appreciate the very small things like a “good morning” or “how are you”?  If not, you may have a lot of new people working for you in the near future.  





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